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If you’re in construction then you’re in the right place. We’ve done the hard work to make sure you can get the ‘best fit’ hires in just a few easy steps. Create your company profile > post your job need > search matched workers > choose your preferred hire.

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  • Build Labour is a jobs app for companies and workers in Construction. It's a live database where companies can view worker profiles and choose to engage them on their terms, and where workers can search jobs or create job alerts.
  • Our launch fee is just $200 payable on placement by the hiring company - no hire, no fee.
  • Build Labour is just for construction companies and workers. No one else. We've got new talent joining us everyday.
  • It'll save you a hundred phone calls, posting jobs across multiple job sites and sifting through crappy resumes. Come to us first for your next hiring need - add your requirements and find workers who match your needs.
  • No. We as a marketplace bringing together the two sides. How you hire them is up to you, so long as it's ethical and in accordance with Australian employment law..