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A new way to work.

Create your live profile and let the jobs find you.

  • Free profiles for workers
  • No resume or cover letter uploads

We guide you through a profile generator with the exact information employers need.

  • Search jobs or let the jobs find you
  • Get more work, better work

Your mates can’t always find you the best work. Build Labour can.

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  • A new way for construction workers and companies to engage for work. Use your mobile to create a worker profile and let work find you.
  • No $, just a bit of your time to create your worker profile so companies can see what you do, where you work or live and how to contact you for work opportunities.
  • Just for construction peeps. No one else. We have jobs and education opportunities to turbo charge your construction career.
  • First, it's free. But more importantly, it's the easiest way to get the job you want - where and when you want it. Mates can't always sort you out the best gigs, but we have a ton of new jobs everyday. You can apply in just one click.
  • Absolutely. Your application is strictly between you and the companies.
  • Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on the specific job with the company.
  • Same as for an ABN. If you’re a subby, you will. If you’re being hired as an employee you won’t.